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A tool that handles extended rig functionality for the Lutin and Mech rig. 'Smart' UI allows for Fk / Ik matching and matched space switching on enabled controls. Also automates animation baking and export to FBX format for the Unity Engine.

Coded in pyMel.

An animator-friendly tool for managing Maya's motion trails. Provides optional markers for visually tracking spacing and allows for repositioning of the tracking pivot point. Featured on Available for download at Creative Crash.

Coded in pyMel.

A utility for copying and mirroring set driven keys between multiple control objects or attributes. Allows for mirroring of translation and rotation values across any axis.

Coded in pyMel.

Click the image for a video demo of this tool.


Mirror/Copy SDK

SpareParts: Utilities

MR Motion Trail

MR Joint Tools

A simple collection of commonly used tools and actions for rigging. Includes a custom tool for evenly subdividing joints and a hash rename function - useful for renaming groups of objects.

Coded in pyMel and Python.

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