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Lutin / NPC Rig

The Lutin rig is a robust and flexible game rig, designed for use in the Unity 3D engine.

  • Fk/Ik switching arms
  • Non-flipping leg pole vectors​
  • Space switching on several rig controls
  • Simple joint-driven facial controls
  • Toggle view between proxy geometry and skinned mesh
  • Prop-space control for Ik hands
  • Only two joint influences per vertex

The rig has a dedicated joint hierarchy for skinning and export, so no extraneous nodes are exported to the engine. This also allows for the rig to be expanded upon and revised in mid-production. Multiple sets of character geometry are skinned to the same joints and are selectively exported, so the same rig is used for the player character and for several variations of non player characters.

A behind-the-scenes network of meta-information allows this rig and others to interface with the same tool set.

The video below demonstrates some of the uses of this metanode network.

Features of the rig include:

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