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Frogasaurus Mech

The antagonist from Spare Parts: Lutin's Folly, the Mech rig is full of personality and is a joy to pose.

  • Mechanically correct offset ball-joint behavior
  • Exhaust vents automatically close when upper jaw opens
  • Extensive foot roll controls
  • Extending cannon hidden in mouth
  • Space switching feet and cannon aim control
  • Fully compatible with same tool set as the Lutin rig

With only a few simple controls, the mech rig is very quick, fun to work with, and incredibly appealing.

The geometry is skinned to a dedicated joint hierarchy for export, with only one joint influence per vertex. A special 'damage' joint is hidden in the upper jaw, and can be controlled via scripting in engine. The cannon can also be procedurally animated in Unity, allowing it to aim at various targets in-game.

Features of the rig include:

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