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Kyle Mistlin-Rude

Professional info

• Currently a Technical Artist intern at ArenaNet, doing creature rigging & tools
 Technical artist for a 3D third-person action-adventure student PC game
 8 years Maya experience
 6 years 3ds Max experience
 Proficient in Python, PyMEL, MEL scripting
 Familiar with C++, C#, and the Maya API
 Work well with programmers, designers, and artists
 Self-motivated, swift learner, avid problem-solver, well-spoken, respectful

Work experience

• Rigged and skinned main and non-player characters
• Designed and created animation utilities and asset/animation export tools
• Collaborated closely with artists and programmers to create high quality
   realtime assets

Rigger and Technical Artist

Frogasaurus Mech : Game development team

2012 - 2013






2010 - present

2010 - present

Teaching Assistant

Digipen Institute of Technology

2011 - present

• Tutored students in animation, rigging, and Python scripting
• Developed scripted tools to facilitate rigging and animation workflow
• Helped improve production pipelines for animated short films

DigiPen Institute of Technology

2008 - 2013 // Bachelor of Fine Art in Production Animation


Familiar with:
C# / C++
Maya API

Technical Artist Intern


2013 - present

• Design, prototype, and code tools and utilities; maintain existing toolset
• Build and maintain character and creature rigs and skin weighting
• Problem solve and troubleshoot issues for art production teams

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